• Welding Goggles G502

Welding Goggles

    Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch Impact Resistance

Safety Goggles for welding purposes. Please contact us for more information!


JAAN LIH OPTICAL CO., LTD. is a pioneer in the lens and eyewear industry in Taiwan, and has built up its technical leadership for professional design and manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Sports Eyewear, Sunglasses and High Quality Lenses. PPE Safety Spectacle Personal Protective Equipment is one of them.

Product Features

  • 4 fully adjustable ventilation holes prevent lens from fogging
  • Flip-up front welding lens for easy non-shade views
  • OTG design fits over most prescription eye glasses
  • Flexible frame and adjustable headband (width 1.5cm) provide user great custom fit and comfort 
  • EN166/EN175 certified; F impact grade
  • EN170 Ultraviolet protection
  • EN169 Welding protection
  • Material: 
    • Lens: PC;
    • Frame: PP and TPR
  • Lens Treatments: Anti-scratch / Anti-fog
  • EN166
  • EN175
  • EN169
  • ANZI Z87.1
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